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UPS Battery Center Sponsorship & Scholarship Program

UPS Battery Center is fortunate to be part of a thriving community of innovators. And we support the community by sponsoring the next generation of students and tinkerers working on electronics and robotics.

Our sponsorship program is open to eligible grade school, high school, and college and university students working on science, electrical, robotics, and related assignments, as well as qualified innovators. If you need batteries or other resources for science fairs, ebike and electronic scooter competitions, robotics experiments, mobility devices, or some other project or event, then we would be honored to help.

Please send a detailed email to which outlines your project, describes your organization and explains how we can help. Every submission we receive for sponsorship is carefully reviewed.

Sponsorship or donation levels will vary based on the individual application and our resources. We may be able to fully sponsor your project or event by providing batteries, other materials or monetary funds. We may also be able to give you a discount on our products to help manage other costs.

Please give us at least 4 weeks to consider the request. If the applicant is a minor, we will need to confirm with parents/guardians.

Thank you for your interest in UPS Battery Center’s sponsorship program.